APS Experiment Safety Review System

Welcome to the APS Experiment Safety Review System.  The link below is to be used for all activities within the system (i.e. Users submitting Experiment Safety Approval Forms (ESAFs), Users editing ESAFs, Beamline reviews, APS reviews, etc.).  There is a set of instructions available in the link below and from within the system for both Users and Beamline Administrators. 

Experiments that present minimal hazards common to all beamlines should be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled start of the experiment. Additional time is required for higher levels of risk and for safety protocols new to the APS.  If circumstances do not allow for the full 7 days for review, the APS will consider the request for expedited review on a case-by-case basis.  Examples of hazards that may require more than 7 days for review are (but not limited to): radioactive samples, biohazard samples, human tissue/material samples, equipment that is new to the APS. Failure to submit your ESAF in advance may result in delaying the beginning of your experiment.

Submitting your ESAF late may result in a delay in the start of your experiment.

If you encounter any errors using the system, please send the error message and a description of what you were doing to Bruce Glagola.


Complete an ESAF:

Experiment Safety Assessment Form (ESAF)

Other useful links:

Please contact the APS (Bruce Glagola 630/252-9797) if you have any questions or difficulties using this page or submitting an ESAF to the APS.

Updated: March 4, 2014