CAT Chat Minutes


Operations, Mark Beno

Beno announced that we had had another good week with no down time.  The Meantime Between Faults was 111.53 hours and the Percentage of Scheduled Beamtime was 98.62%.

Beno also mentioned that there will be maintenance done on switchgears 4 and 5 during the shutdown.

Safety, Tom Barkalow

Barkalow reminded everyone to be careful walking and driving during the winter months.  He also warned everyone that driving around a barricade that is being used to close down a road is a serious offense.

General, John Maclean

Maclean asked everyone to make sure that they do not leave computer passwords out in the open.  The recent audit made mention of that as a problem that needs to be addressed.

Next Meeting: Monday, December 14, 2009