CAT Chat Minutes


Operations, Mark Beno

Beno reported that the week had gone fairly smoothly.  There was a problem with a power supply that caused 90 minutes of lost time, but nothing else of significance.  The Percentage of Scheduled Beamtime was 98.7% and the Mean Time Between Faults was 73.57 hours.

Safety, Tom Barkalow

Barklow reminded everyone that the HSS Audits are beginning this week.  The auditors will be visiting Sectors 13 and 32.

SAFETY, Mark Beno

Beno mentioned that there had been an incident this week where a student brought in a vial with a nitrogen sample, and after the vial was warmed, it exploded in his face.  Luckily, the student was not seriously injured.  The incident is under investigation.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 20, 2009