CAT Chat Minutes


Operations, Mark Beno

Beno remarked that last week had been another good week. There were a couple of short periods of down time at 7 ID and 6 ID involving PSS. There had also been two minor Top Up glitches involving a booster problem and a software problem. The MTBF was 63.88 hours and the Percentage of Scheduled Beamtime was 98.42%.

Safety, Tom Barkalow

Barkalow asked that all tricycle riders keep their speed down to no faster than a brisk walk. Barkalow reported that HSS will have a scoping team here during the week of March 9th. They are doing this in advance of the major audit that will take place beginning on June 11th. Please keep the place clean and organized during this time.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 9, 2009