CAT Chat Minutes


Operations, Mark Beno

Beno announced that the unexplained problems from last week had been resolved. During this past week, there were a few problems that resulted in some down time. A switch problem led to 2.46 hours and two P0 errors led to about 3 hours of time down. Percentage of scheduled time equaled 97.17% and the mean time between faults equaled 28.50 hours.

Safety, Tom Barkalow

Barkalow had some more information on the previously mentioned Health, Safety and Security Review. There will be representatives of the HSS on site on March 11th and 12th for a scoping visit. On May 18th-22nd there will be a detailed planning visit. The actual review will take place on June 1st-12th. During the first five days they are planning to watch experiments and ask questions.

Barkalow had some information on a 911 call placed last week. A propane-powered forklift was being used to transport some items to LOM 437. The fumes caused someone to call 911 to report the smell of natural gas. He asked that everyone remember to use an electric powered forklift when moving things in the LOMs.

Training, Bruce Glagola

Glagola thanked everyone for the great job of making sure that training is current. However, he asked that ESAFs be completed in a timely manner. Due to the high volume, he requested that the ESAFs be done at least 7 days in advance, and would actually prefer and even longer lead time.

Next Meeting: Monday, February 16, 2009