CAT Chat Minutes


Start Up Update, Michael Borland

Borland reported that there had been a water leak at the beamline that could affect the operations start-up. He was optimistic that things would be ready for Thursday morning. Updates can be found at X-Ray OPS.

Safety, Tom Barkalow

Barkalow mentioned that the Office of Science is planning to review of safety compliance at every accelerator facility. A team of inspectors will go to each facility to see how contractors are complying with the order.

Barkalow reported that the DOE is expected to do a major review. Someone from the Health, Safety, and Security department will be here looking at activities on the beamline during the first part of June.

Lastly, Barkalow said that lead has been detected in machine shops where it shouldn't be found. Those shops will be asked to have the lead cleaned up and will be inspected to be sure that it has been done.

Safety, Edmund Chang

Chang asked that people contact Paul Rossi to get rid of unnecessary chemicals that are in their original containers. He also asked that people don't order any more gas yards than are necessary.

Chang announced that there will be no inspections for civilian CATS in February.

Next Meeting: Monday, February 2, 2009