CAT Chat Minutes

December 8, 2008

Operations, Mark Beno

There was one problem with top-up on Saturday. The cause was determined to be a power supply problem. We ran at 98.65% and the mean time between faults was 96 hours.

Safety, Edmund Chang

The Argonne ES&H Committee has been formed. The APS Point of Contact on that committee is Tim Smith.

Safety, Paul Rossi (for Bruce Glagola)

The Safety Training stats are not good. Rossi again asked the group to make sure that Sector Orientation is noted to TMS in a timely manner.

Rossi also talked about the Cut-off Saw incident that turned into an ORPS report. Training for those who use these saws will be forthcoming. Bruce Glagola will be asking if anyone has this kind of saw.


  • Susan Strasser answered a question that was asked at the last CAT Chat Meeting regarding whether or not the light sources were coordinating their possible budget-related downtime so that users would always have a place to do science. Strasser said that representatives of the light sources are discussing this issue. She will inform the group when we learn of the schedules for the various light sources.
  • Ken Sidorowicz informed the group that the Cyber Security issue is on-going. He continues to relay pertinent information to the workforce as necessary. There is still no word as to when we may expect the Cyber Security Team here at Argonne .
  • A user reported that for about four or five days recently, there was a considerable beam drop at 18-ID. Karen Schroeder will look into this matter.
  • A complaint was also made regarding the closing of Kearney Road , especially given the fact that there is no snow at the moment and the road is clear. It will be looked into further.

Next Meeting
The next CAT Chat will be on Monday, December 15, 2008.