CAT Chat Minutes

October 27, 2008

Operations, Mark Beno

Beno announced that the week went smoothly for the accelerator with very little lost time. There was one reported beamline downtime. He did ask that everyone makes sure to report their beamline down time to the floor coordinators so that the figures are accurate.

The MTBF was 174.96 hours and the percentage of scheduled beam time was 99.41%

Safety, Edmund Chang

Chang asked everyone to think about pollution prevention and come up with some new ideas on how to maximize it.

Training, Bruce Glagola

Glagola stated that training is being completed at a very high rate. However, CyberSecurity training and Sector Orientation are the two things that are missed the most.

Next Meeting
The next CAT CHAT is Monday, November 3rd. That will be the last meeting before the new coffee bar is scheduled to open in the APS lobby on November 4th.