CAT Chat Minutes

October 13, 2008

Operations Update, Mark Beno

Beno reported that the week's performance was great. There were no drops. One XOR server went down and 1 ½ to 2 shifts were lost. The MTBF was 267.04 hours and the Percentage of Scheduled Time was 100%.

Safety, Edmund Chang

Chang announced that the October inspections are for Sectors 21, 22, 23, 24 and 31.

There were two injuries to report. The first involved an ASD technician who ran his hand into a cabinet that was too close to the staircase handrail and jammed his shoulder. The cabinet has since been removed. The other incident occurred when a technician was using a bolt saw. It appeared that he hit a bolt at an awkward angle causing the saw wheel to rupture. His thumb was cut and the bone splintered.

Safety, Bruce Glagola

Glagola has been doing some spot checking of training completion and noticed an improvement from 12% of users having missing training down to 2 ½ %. Most of the missing training is sector orientation, and he asks everyone to be sure to give credit for the completed training.

Beamline Notification, Mark Beno

Beno referred to handouts that detailed the notification policy and procedures. There were hard copies of the handouts available to everyone. Beno mentioned that the document can also be seen on ICMS.

Next Meeting
CAT Chat is canceled for Monday, October 20th due to the APS Renewal Retreat and will resume on Monday, October 27th.