CAT Chat Minutes

August 11, 2008

Safety, Edmund Chan
Chang announced that the inspections this month will be at Sectors 13-19. Call Paul Rossi if you need assistance with the disposal of unneeded materials and waste in original containers. Chang said that he can help with questions about disposal of materials which are not in original containers.

Operations, Mark Beno
Beno reported that there had been numerous problems over the weekend, which resulted in varying amounts of lost beam time. The details and status messages can be read at The percentage of scheduled time for this past week was 96.77% and the Mean Time Between Faults was 57.61 hours.

XOPS Notifications , John Maclean
MacLean explained that there had been a problem with the facility status page and the weekend problems had not been updated. He assured everyone that the problem has been fixed. The right hand side of the status page has a list of the most recent messages as well as a link to all operations messages for the last 72 hours.

Next Meeting
The next CAT Chat meeting Monday, September 29, 2008.