CAT Chat Minutes

August 4, 2008

Safety, Jim Lang

Lang reminded everyone to use the handrails when they walk up and down stairs. He also asked that spills be wiped up as soon as they are observed. There were two separate incidents last week of someone slipping. Injuries can be prevented if these simple rules are followed.

Operations, Mark Beno

Beno reported that there was one problem in top-up but no interruptions last week. The percentage of scheduled time for this past week was 97.72% and the MTFB was 62.37 hours. Beno also announced that on Friday morning there will be a change to the normal 24 Bunch top up mode. The beam will come up as soon as that is finished and could be earlier than the 12:00 estimate.

Next Generation VPN, Mary Westbrook

Cisco AnyConnect Client

  • Next generation VPN client
  • Uses SSL rather than IPSec encryption
  • Replaces Cisco IPSec client
  • User testing has demonstrated that SSL client to be more reliable and efficient
  • AnyConnect client available for:
    • Microsoft Vista
    • Windows XP
    • Linux
    • Macintosh OS X
  • Account needs to be granted VPN rights
  • Automatic AnyConnect client updates
  • AnyConnect Group
    • APS and XOR, Group=VPN-Client
    • CATs, Group=Specific CAT-VPN
  • VPN-Client group, provides IP address on APS network
  • CAT-VPN groups provide an IP address from a DHCP pool allotted to your specific CAT
  • CAT VPN groups allow access to only your CAT resources
  • Use AnyConnect Client
  • Can download the AnyConnect client a couple of ways:
    • Using a web browser connect to:
      • In the login screen enter your APS Windows/VPN username
      • For the GROUP selection box choose
      • Appropriate CAT group, for CAT users
      • VPN-Client for XOR and APS users
      • Click on Login
      • Launch AnyConnect client, once installed
    • From APS IT Web page:
  • Client install requires administrator rights
  • Disconnect VPN connection when done
    • All internet traffic is routed through APS network, including your non-APS traffic
    • All traffic is subject to DOE Cyber Security Policies
    • Your connection will be faster without the extra routing and encryption overhead
  • For more information see: APS IT Web Page
  • For assistance, open a support request at: APS Support Request System

Cisco WebVPN

  • New, clientless Web VPN Portal
  • Web VPN Portal provides access to:
    • Internal web pages
    • APS Calendar
    • APS Logbooks
    • ICMS (Windows only)
    • APS Email (Windows only)
  • Secure (authentication and SSL encryption)
  • Provided with web connection only (No IP address)
  • Can be used on personal computers
  • Open a browser and go to:
  • For more information see: APS IT Web Page
  • For assistance, open a support request at: APS Support Request System

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting Monday, August 11, 2008.