CAT Chat Minutes

July 28, 2008

Safety, Paul Rossi

Rossi reported that the ISM team was very happy with the APS. Most of the comments were complimentary, although there will be a few recommendations for improvement. Rossi thanked everyone for their efforts with a special thank you to sectors 32 and 13.

Operations, Mark Beno

Beno announced that there was one drop this week which actually occurred right before CAT Chat last Monday. Sectors 23 and 32 experienced a problem with water flow and are not yet sure what tripped it. 32ID had a PSS fault and was down for 96 minutes. At 13ID, the taper went out of bounds so it was down for 32 minutes. Beno reported that the percentage of scheduled time for this past week was 97.42% and the MTBF was 55.01 hours.

New RAD postings, John Quintana

Quintana announced that the accelerator tunnels will soon be marked as Radioactive Materials Access. Anyone who will be entering these tunnels unescorted will need RadWorker I.

Quintana mentioned that the chilled water will be turned off for 6 hours on August 23rd. Also, there will be reduced flow sometime in early September while FMS works on building 450.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting Monday, August 4, 2008.