CAT Chat Minutes

July 21, 2008

Safety, Tom Barkalow

Barkalow acknowledged the two members of the ISM Verification team who were in attendance. He mentioned that the team had observed experiments at Sectors 32 & 13. The team has been impressed with what they have seen and thus far and he expects many kudos and very few deficiencies. He does, however, expect that there were two problems with Argonne in general that relate to industrial hygiene and investigations of incidences. The formal closeout with the verification team will be this Thursday, and Barkalow will summarize their findings at next Monday's CAT Chat.

Operations, Mark Beno

There were no drops this week. The MTBF was 49.82 and the percentage of scheduled time was 97.09%.

Beno referred to a memo from Rod Gehrig that said there had been few objections to the requested mode change. There will be four hours set aside on August 8th, from 8:00 am to noon, for the mode change.

AES Shutdown Requests, Bruce Glagola

Glagola read a note from John Quintana about the upcoming shutdown. MOM is beginning to schedule work that needs to be done and Quintana asks that requests for work be submitted to MOM online including any work on cryopumps.

Building 431/Loading Dock Status, John Maclean

Maclean reported on the progress of the hole near the dumpsters between buildings 401 and 431. There had been a leak in the pipe that brings hot water into the building. A hole was dug to investigate the problem and a hole was found in the pipe. The pipe is being repaired and better drainage is being planned. The hole will not be closed until everything is finished. Bill Ruzicka mentioned that FMS is paying for the repair.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting Monday, July 28, 2008.