CAT Chat Minutes

July 7, 2008

Safety, Tom Barkalow

Tom reminded everyone that the ISM review begins in one week. He said that the review team will probably want to meet with beamlines where users are doing high risk experiments. The assessors have expressed interest in experiments using Class 4 lasers so those experiments may be targeted. However the assessors can chose to visit any sector and speak to anyone. APS ESH staff will accompany the assessment team. The ISM songbook handout has been updated based on experience from the recent Nano review. The songbook now includes an added page of contact persons as well as a list of do's and don'ts for talking with reviewers. The updated ISM songbook has been e-mailed to all resident users.

Operations, Mark Beno

Mark reported that the percentage of scheduled time for the past week was 96.51% while the mean time between faults (MTBF) was 32.38 as a result of the many accelerator problems last week.

As a result of resent congressional action the APS has received additional operational funding. The additional funding will allow us to provide user beam for the entire 2008-3 run cycle, eliminating the planned reductions in this cycle. The additional funding will also allow us to restore 5 of the days eliminated for the 2008-2 cycle. The cycle will now run through August 12th. The allocation of the new time will be entirely up to the beam line personnel. XOR beamlines will be asked to invite the proposal that was next on the list depending on technique if possible.. Denny Mills asked that as soon as the time is allocated, please inform the User Office so that the time is credited.

Scavenger Network Scans, Ken Sidorowicz

Ken reported that the lab did a Nessus scan which showed over 2000 computer vulnerabilities that were stored in Scavenger, a Cyber ICATCH like database. With the help of the CATs, sector computer responsibles and hard work by the APS IT staff the number of vulnerabilities were reduced to zero by the end of June. Today is the day he reports to DOE. Ken thanked everyone for their help in getting the number down to zero.

Pager Problems, Mohan Ramanathan

Mohan came to the meeting to talk about pager problems. Users informed him that many of the problems seem to actually be with receiving e-mail notices over the phone. He mentioned that the infrastructure has been recently improved for Sprint and Nextel service. He will look into the problems. And get back to the users involved.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting Monday, July 14, 2008.