CAT Chat Minutes

June 9, 2008

Operations Update, Mark Beno

Beno welcomed the group and reminded all that the start of the 2008-2 run cycle is 8:00 am tomorrow morning, Tuesday, June 10, 2008.

Safety, Tom Barkalow

Tom thanked those who participated in last week's Integrated Safety Management (ISM) all-hands meeting. Contact Barkalow to express any suggestions or comments regarding ISM.

ISM presentations will be made available on the web later this week.

Barkalow also reminded the group that the site-wide nano material review is scheduled for next week (16 – 20 June). CNM and three other ANL divisions will be looked at closely. While APS is not on the agenda for the review, Barkalow stated that the DOE Group conducting the review could look at any current or on-going nano operation going on here while on site.


  • Bruce Glagola announced that Chapter 5.4, Waste Management and Procedures Manual, just came out and deals with the disposal of nano material waste.
  • John Quintana asked that two copies of a signed ESAF be provided to the Floor Coordinator. Quintana also asked that a Floor Coordinator be contacted if you want to vent the beamline isolate valve.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held in Building 401, Room A1100 on Monday, June 16.