CAT Chat Minutes

March 10, 2008

Operations Update, Mark Beno


  • 98.64% - Beamtime
  • 118.22 hrs. – Meantime between faults

New operating mode:

There is a test scheduled for Tuesday, March 18 from ~ 10 AM to 4 PM of an alternative bunch pattern. The present hybrid fill pattern has one large bunch (16 ma.) on one side of the ring and the remaining 86 ma. on the opposite side of the storage ring in a 8x7 fill pattern. The bunch structure being tested retains the large 16 ma. bunch on one side of the ring but replaces 8x7 fill pattern with a 3 x 7 fill structure. This bunch pattern which has three groups of bunches each containing ~28 ma. separated by ~ 220 nsec. and has a substantially shorter lifetime than the present hybrid fill mode and therefore requires top-up at 30 s. intervals rather that the 60 second top-up interval required for the hybrid fill mode. We would like as many users as possible to access the impact of using this fill pattern of their beamlines. Please contact Karen Schroeder ( ) for shutter permit during the studies period.
Normal Hybrid fill mode – 1+8x7
Test mode – 1+3x7

401 Grill Hours and Coffee Cart Operations Schedule, Sue Zitzka

S. Zitzka will be taking any suggestions for more convenient hours for the 401 grill and the coffee cart in an attempt for the hours of operation to be more productive for both the user community and the Sodexho Company.

Safety, Bruce Glagola

Sectors 13-19 inspections will take place this week.

ESAF's have been submitted and approved. Beginning Wednesday, March 12 th B. Glagola will be out of the office. He will return on Tuesday, March 18 th . ESAF questions should go to N. Moonier during his absence.

Task Force on Floor Coordinators, Julie Cross

A task force is looking at the consequences of cut backs in the number of Floor Coordinators that took place in the April 2006 APS reorganization. This group includes J. Cross, T. Graber, T. Barkalow, P. Zschack, and J. Lang. The task force has not as yet identified any safety concerns resulting from the reduced number of floor coordinators. Surveys sent to resident users are an opportunity for users to give the group their input about the floor coordinators. These surveys should be submitted in order for the user feedback to have the maximum impact. You can also speak directly to any of the task force members with your concerns.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held on Monday, March 17, 2008 in Bldg. 431, Rm. C010.