CAT Chat Minutes

January 28, 2008

Safety, Tom Barkalow

An ISM verification day will take place some time between July 14th and July 23rd. This verification is similar to another version that took place in 2005 by OA. During the verification, DOE will be looking at actual activities that take place at the APS. Please make sure correct procedures are being followed (ex. machine administrators are qualified). The Laboratory will conduct three meetings between now and July in preparation for the verification. The first meeting will take place on February 7 th at 2:00 p.m. The discussion will be work planning and control. Another ISM day will take place before July; however, it will not be as intense as the previous ISM day.

There has been a misconception that fire doors may be propped open as long as someone is in the room. Fire doors can only be propped open when it is necessary to move material. Otherwise, fire doors are not to be propped open for any other circumstance. Kickstands on fire doors are illegal and will be removed. Fire door barriers will be identified and labeled properly. All double doors in the corridors/LOM's leading to the experiment hall floor are definite fire doors.

ESAF, B. Glagola

There was 1,050 ESAF's last run.

On the ESAF form, start dates have been moved up.

The easiest way to contact Bruce Glagola is at 630.417.9661.

Operations Update, M. Beno

Due to budget constraints, the schedule for the summer run has been shortened by four weeks. An email will be sent confirming the dates. Please send any input concerning changes to the run to Mark Beno or George Srajer prior to next week's Ops meeting.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held on Monday, February 4, 2008.