CAT Chat Minutes

October 15, 2007

Operations Update, Mark Beno


  • There were three beam interruptions in the past week.
    • One caused by a vacuum burst
    • For 2 additional problems the cause is still undetermined

One case of beamline downtime was reported.

  • Beamline downtime on 16-ID was caused by LOVE Controller problems.

There were two instances where topup was aborted.


  • 99.3% --Beamtime
  • 72 hrs. -- Meantime between faults

Construction of Short Pulse Building , John Sidarous

The construction of the short-pulse building in the APS ring infield has caused problems with beam motion at some beamlines for some experiments. John Sidarous presented the following provisional schedule for the construction project to help users plan their experimental activities. He said that in general the soil compaction activities are expected to be the most disturbing to beam stability.

  • Soil compaction outside SPX: 10/15-16/07
  • Concrete grade beams form work reinforcing rebars, and pouring: 10/15-22/07
  • Stripping forms, prepare for insulation and curb preparation: 10/22-23/07
  • Soil backfill and compaction inside and outside the Bldg.: 10/24-26/07
  • Pour concrete cubs: 10/25/07
Preparation for floor slab and concrete pour: 10/26-30/07

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held on October 22, 2007.