CAT Chat Minutes

July 30, 2007

Operations Update, Mark Beno


  • 1 drop -- 1.7hrs; caused by RF power supply
  • Power outage; currently being repaired.


  • 97.9% - Scheduled Beamtime
  • 85.7 Hrs. - Meantime between faults

Safety, Tom Barkalow, Edmund Chang

B. McCook toured the experiment hall and some of the following safety issues were found:

  • Flammatory materials stored in non-flammatory lockers.
  • Chemicals and food/beverage stored in the same area.
  • Flammables and oxidizers were stored together.
  • Bottles were not properly labeled.
  • Housekeeping

M. Gibson will be sending an all hands email. This email will include safety issues that need to be addressed. B. McCook will be inspecting the experiment hall again. Please adhere to the items listed on the memo.

In conjunction with ISM day, B. Glagola, and E. Chang will place notice tags on items in the aisle of the experimental hall that need to be removed. These items must be taken care of or an explanation given within 3 weeks.

P. Rossi and E. Chang will be reviewing the Job Hazard Questionnaires (JHQ) for all beamline personnel. E. Chang will be reviewing JHQs for non-APS staff and P. Rossi for all APS employees.

When storing chemicals, please examine the conditions (leakage, expiration, etc.).

This past Saturday there was a Sulfuric Acid spill. Beamline staff handled the clean up according to the proper policies and procedures.

August inspections are scheduled for Sectors 13-19.

Training, Bruce Glagola

Things were looking better, however, Cyber Security (ESH 223) is being missed. This training is very important. Please make sure everyone is completing their training and receiving credit.

Switchgear/Cryocooler Maintenance, John Quintana
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Radiation Safety System Configuration Control and Operational Readiness, John Quintana
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Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held on Monday, August 6th, at 3:00 p.m.