CAT Chat Minutes

July 23, 2007

Operations Update, George Srajer


  • Accelerator Downtime--5.33 hours
    Power sag to 92% for approx. 3 cycles interrupted power to MCR that dropped all enclosures to authorized access.
    Resolution: All tunnels were searched. Multiple IOCs rebooted. Water leak repaired in the Linac. Investigation is underway to determine why ACIS did not switch to UPS.
  • Beamline Downtime--30 minutes
    Beamline personnel at Sectors 3 and 7 reported network problems
    Resolution: IT personnel determined the problem was caused by resource fail over
  • Current under 100 mA for more than 30 min during top-up--31 minutes
    Injectors needed to be retuned after beam loss
    Resolution: Operators adjusted Linac L2 power level and adjusted power supply


  • 97.78 % - Scheduled Beamtime
  • 81.39 Hours - Mean time between faults


  1. Parking lot striping and sidewalk replacement for LOM 435.
    Answer: The re-striping of parking lot is planned for this FY, however the sidewalk replacement is NOT.
  2. Birds on the experimental hall.
    Answer: AES is trying to trap birds.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held on July 30th at 3:00 p.m.