CAT Chat Minutes

March 19, 2007

Operations Update, Mark Beno


  • 99.2% - Scheduled beamtime
  • 190 hrs - Meantime between faults

ESH Updates, Paul Rossi

Paul Rossi thanked everyone for their cooperation during the laser and hydrogen assessments.

Inspections of Sectors 13-19 will begin prior to the end of March.

Sector Training, Bruce Glagola

Please make sure users are updated in the training database by clicking the link at the bottom of the ESAF page or the experimenter's page under training information. Also ensure sector orientation is complete and electronically entered. If you do not have access to this information, please contact Susan Strasser.

Announcements, Mark Beno

The budget is posted on the DOE Office of Science web page. Mark Beno and Dennis Keane are asking for your input in regard to start up dates. A decision should be made regarding the summer schedule by the next ops meeting.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held on Monday, March 26, 2007.