CAT Chat Minutes

February 26 , 2007

Operations Update, Mark Beno

There were two problems this week.

  • A power sag caused by Comed
  • A power supply problem


  • 99.09% - Scheduled beamtime
  • 109 hrs. - Meantime between faults

There are two schedules posted on the web.

  1. Long range schedule showing one week of beamtime eliminated due to the budget constraints.
  2. Schedule showing extension of maintenance, machine study, and run time.

We should know the final schedule by the end of March.

Kevin Randall's replacement is Julie Cross. The effective date will be determined later.

ESH Updates, Tom Barkalow, Edmund Chang

Tom Barkolow reported that the pressure safety issues have not gone away. 250 systems were inspected site wide and 40 were taken out of service.

Tomorrow afternoon, dewars on the beamline will be looked at for any modifications to pressure relief. Barkalow will see if there is a process in place at ANL to modify a dewar.

The gas cylinder situation is being fixed, however, problems are still occurring. For example, oxidizers and flammables are being stored too close together, and storage space is still limited due to overstock and over-ordering of cylinders. Please check the inventory prior to placing orders.

Robert McCook, Director of ESH/QA, is requesting an inventory of all hydrogen systems on site. Barkalow is requesting that this inventory be conducted during our current internal assessment.

Edmund Chang repeated that management assessments will include hydrogen field surveys. Systems in sectors 5,10, 12, and 33 will be checked and the laser safety assessment will be under way shortly. The electrical safety assessment will focus on ASD issues.

Please see the Floor Coordinators or Bruce Glagola for safety glasses signage to be posted outside the chemistry labs.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held on Monday, March 5, 2007.