CAT Chat Minutes

December 18, 2006

Operations Update, Mark Beno


  • 98.6% - Scheduled beamtime
  • 100 hrs. - Meantime between faults

Safety, Paul Rossi, Edmund Chang, Tom Barkalow

Due to the recurrent issues with the gas cylinders, an ALD level inspection has been conducted. As a result of these inspections we are looking at possible changes to the way in which user gas cylinders are stored.

In some cases gas cylinders have been moved to meet safety requirements. Although we have tried to contact users in these instances if you are experiencing difficulty locating cylinders, please contact K. Beyer (2-9491).

Inspections scheduled for December are to be conducted in Bldg. 431-Z and Sectors 5, 6, and 10. A reminder, GFCI circuit breakers need to be tested annually. Please contact the Floor Coordinator or Edmund Chang for 2007 GFCI inspection stickers.

M. Gibson has expressed concerns regarding the recent incident in which a beamline staff member was injured when his finger was trapped by a moving translation stage. To ensure safety, hutch inspections to identify similar pinch points and hazards will be conducted after the holiday break.

Questions/Comments, Mark Beno

The schedule for the summer run (2007-2) will be distributed after the Holiday break.

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held on Monday, January 29, 2007.