CAT Chat Minutes

December 4 , 2006

Operations Update, Mark Beno


  • 98.46% - Scheduled beamtime
  • 87 hrs. Meantime between faults

Safety, Jim Lang

The Industrial Hygiene report on lead in machine shops suggest that we keep better control of machining lead and police better in the machine shops.

K. Byer, E. Chang, and P. Rossi are currently solving the recurrent issue with gas cylinder storage.

A safety notice will be going out in a few weeks identifying the change in the order of safety shoe requirements. The order now states that the general access for the storage ring mezzanine no longer requires safety shoes.

As a reminder, the non-NRTL inventory is due by December 8 th to J. Lang.

Experimental Station Door Maintenance and Liquid N2 Distribution System, Andy Stevens

A. Stevens will now handle door maintenance that will include cleanup, lubrication, and vacuuming. He will also be handling SRO Contracts. When material work is needed please contact the Floor Coordinator or contact Stevens at 252-5720 (

Next Meeting:

The next CAT Chat meeting will be held on Monday, December 11, 2006.