CAT Chat Minutes

November 20, 2006

Operations Update, Mark Beno


  • Stability Resolved by changing the promosticity of the ring
  • Beamlines
    • Sector 21 (being repaired)
    • Sector 2-BM Door hardware giving problems

Users were reminded that the maintenance period is coming up. If anyone needs maintenance for hutch doors, please contact Andy Stevens (2-5720,


  • 98.14% scheduled beamtime
  • Meantime between faults = 85.91 hours

Safety, Edmund Chang

Patricia Fernandez has agreed to assist with developing ways to prevent the recurring issue with the compressed gas cylinders. She has appointed employees to assist with the difficulties being faced with this problem. A re-labeling system and a weekly walk-through will be put into place to help alleviate this problem.

An incident occurred where custodial personnel disposed of hazardous material that was not labeled properly. To ensure the correct path of disposal in place, please label all waste containers or bags prior to accumulation.

As a reminder, please have your electrical inventory to J. Lang by December 8, 2006.


The installation of the liquid nitrogen tanks in the 431/432 gas yard has been completed and is operational. The two 3000 gallon tanks are connected to act as a unit increasing the capacity by 3000 gallons of storage. The automatic fill stations in the 431/432 truck lock are also operational. In total, we now have five 3000 gallon liquid nitrogen tanks to service the APS.


A CAT member related problems with the timely shipment of cryogenic sample shipping containers to Canadian users. Bruce Glagola will investigate and report at a future meeting.

Next Meeting:

Next CAT Chat meeting will be held on Monday, November 27, 2006.