CAT Chat Minutes

November 6 , 2006

Operations Update, Mark Beno

The run this week did not go as well as previous weeks' run. The three main problems are shown below:


  • RF problem - under investigation
  • 21-ID EPS (Fixed)
  • CPU steering ID at 15-ID (had to be shut off)
  • FEV closing at 2-ID (may be reset by the operator or the floor coordinator)


  • 98% scheduled time
  • Meantime between faults = 97.9 hours

X-ray-ops is the procedure for relating messages and is the best way to communicate any problems. Please make sure you are on the mailing list.

Due to the delays in manufacturing, the Liquid Nitrogen System will not be completed until November 20, 2006.

Safety, Edmund Chang

The recent Office of Assessment findings showed that there were no postings of those individuals who are certified to machine lead. Lead workers must be identified by November 30 th , and listings of those authorized should be posted.

Please avoid propping/leaving user machine shop doors open. The cardkey readers are in place to be utilized by employees and users.

Bruce Glagola and others will revise the beryllium cleanup procedure; when the new procedures are finalized, users will be notified.

Cyber Security Update, Ken Sidorowicz

On October 9, 2006, Information Week Magazine released an article titled Attack of the Bots, a virus accessing government laboratory computers and sending out email. Argonne National Laboratory was listed as being affected by this virus, however, this information is false.

Below is a list of changes for informative use only. Once these changes go into effect, Sidorowicz will send out a confirmation e-mail.

  • SSH syslogs, SSH servers: please send to
  • Argonne Cyber Office has requested that we restrict outgoing SMTP traffic to registered email servers with IT-ARG tickets.
  • Argonne Cyber Office has requested that we restrict VPN access on an as-needed basis. Not all accounts by default.
  • Argonne CIS has requested that we limit client VPN versions to version and above.

Comments, Mark Beno

The policy for accessing the rooftop located above the storage mezzanine of the ring currently requires safety shoes. This policy will be revised to eliminate the safety shoe provision.

Next Meeting:

Next CAT Chat meeting will be held on Monday, November 13 , 2006.