CAT Chat Minutes

October 30, 2006

Operations Update, Mark Beno

The run is going well with only minor problems. There were no trips this week, and we were at 98.2% of scheduled beamtime with meantime between faults at 136 hours.

Problems during the past week:

  • 13-ID, the PSS key switch stopped working and will be repaired during maintenance time.
  • The orbit control problem reported on the 27th was repaired on the weekend.

Reminder: If you want to be alerted to problems on the floor, don't forget to go on line to subscribe to the XRAYOPS list server system. Also, if you see a problem, you can post comments to the OPS list as well.

Safety, Mark Beno

Beno related an incident where an individual tripped on a piece of aluminum that protrudes near the hutch doors. The person fell and injured his ribs and knees. This protrusion is indeed a safety hazard and should be repaired on all hutches. Patricia Fernandez has agreed to help coordinate this repair procedure; call her if you need assistance.

Next Meeting

The next CAT chat meeting will be held on Monday, November 6, 2006. .