CAT Chat Minutes

August 21 , 2006

Announcements/Operations Update, Mark Beno

Beno announced that there were two trips on August 18 th and 19 th , each of which lasted a little more than 30 minutes. One trip was RF-related and was caused by excessive humidity, while the second was a bit more complicated. Cause of the second trip is being investigated.

Beno also reported that beam availability was at 97% for the week, with time between faults at 70 hours.

Beno also made available the draft operations schedule for 2006-3 and 2007-1. He asked that any comments and questions regarding this draft schedule be directed to him.

Beno also noted APS is expanding the liquid nitrogen storage volume by adding an additional 3000 gallon storage tank in the 431/432 gas yard. This expansion is scheduled to be done in September during the maintenance period. During that time the liquid nitrogen system will be operating from three 3000-gallon tanks instead of four. We anticipate no interruption in the liquid nitrogen service to users, however, we ask that consumption be reduced as much as possible during this time since it may necessitate getting refills during the weekend. The liquid nitrogen fill stations in the 431/432 truck lock will be out of service during this period. Questions regarding this can be directed to Bill Wesolowski at 2-9496 or page at 4-9496.

Safety, Edmund Chang

Chang reported that as part of Argonne's Environment Management System, one of the stated goals is to do an internal assessment of the satellite waste accumulation areas. While this does not have to be done until next February or March, Chang reminded everyone to continue to conduct the inventories and to complete the monthly inspections of the satellite waste accumulation areas.

Chang also reminded all that there will be an inspection of Buildings 434 and 435 on Tuesday, August 22, 2006. Chang stated that there would be members of upper management participating in the inspection of Building 434, starting at 9:00 am.

Chang again reminded the group about the compressed gas cylinder storage areas and the need for securing the tanks properly. He announced that there will be two additional cages installed for each storage area. This should be accomplished by September 25th.

Follow-up Issues, Mark Beno

Beno reported that the issue regarding the customized paging system was discussed with John MacLean who said that this item is on his group's to-do list. MacLean will report back to the group as progress is made in this area.

The next CAT Chat is scheduled for Monday, August 28, 2006, and will be the last meeting of the 2006-2 run cycle.