CAT Chat Minutes

August 14 , 2006

Operations Update/Announcements, Mark Beno

Beno reported that a problem occurred over the weekend where there was a leak in the RF system. It took a long time to diagnose and fix. Discussions are underway to find out what caused this particular component to fail. This component was installed over 10 years ago. Since the beam stayed up the entire time, people with pagers were not notified of this situation. Beno asked the group to make suggestions as to when notifications should be sent out to the pagers. He will check with IT to see if there would be an option available where an individual could set his own level of notification.

Beno also reported that beam availability was at 96.95% for the week, with time between faults at 70 hours.

Safety, Edmund Chang

Chang introduced the new XSD ESH Coordinator, Paul Rossi. Chang and Rossi will be conducting an inspection in Building 434, sectors 1316, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 15, 2006.

Identification of Samples on ESAFs, Bruce Glagola

Glagola announced that there has been a problem with various samples being misidentified or under-identified on the Experiment Safety Assessment Form (ESAF). A great deal of time is spent trying to track down the correct terminology for some of these samples when generic terms are used. There is a provision on the ESAF for confidential materials. For proprietary experiments, information should be provided to beamline management in a sealed envelope, but the hazard itself still has to be identified on the ESAF. A copy of the proposed policy regarding this matter will be sent to each Safety Coordinator. Comments or concerns should be directed to Glagola.

EQO Safety Assessment, Tom Barkalow

As a result of the recent Cobalt powder incident, EQO performed an assessment of user safety practices at the APS. While the final report won't be issued until next week, it was learned that there are a few areas where improvement may be needed. User training documentation and how careful we are in monitoring training completion of required training before granting beamtime is a major concern. Also, a closer look should be taken at refresher training requirements. In addition, routinely used chemicals are not always being identified on the ESAF. When the formal assessment is received, Barkalow will communicate the results and work with the Safety Coordinators to develop a response.

Water Systems

Andy Stevens told the group that the chill water system in Building 450 will be serviced. Temperature, flow, and pressure will be checked, and this may affect the storage ring.

Glenn Kailus told the group that all of the main valves in the hot water system have been replaced, but there still are other sector valves in need of replacement. This work will be done during the next shutdown.

Work during Shutdown/Switchgear and Transfer Switch Work, Rod Salazar

Salazar announced that the switchgear maintenance is scheduled for Saturday, August, 26, 2006, starting at 7:30 am. Areas affected are 412, 420, EAA, E-1, X-1, X-2, and X-4. X-3 will be skipped at this time. Regular power will be down all day, but emergency power will be available, except for two short periods (approximately 15 seconds each) during the transfer. Floor Coordinators will have extension cords available for use if needed.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 21, 2006.