CAT Chat Minutes

July 24, 2006

Announcements /Operations Update, Michael Borland

Borland told the group that there were two down times during the past week. The first was 0.69 hours, apparently due to weather. The second was 0.37 hours, due to an RF trip. We were at 98.3% of availability with 64 hours of beamtime between faults.

Safety, Edmund Chang

Chang reminded the group of the deficiencies discovered during the recent EQO gas cylinder storage inspection. Two areas cited were that the storage areas were overstocked with cylinders and that the cylinders were not being restrained properly by chains in the upper third of the cylinder.

The August safety inspection will focus on Buildings 434 and 435.

Additional Comments

Borland commented on the issue regarding the beam movement that occurred about two weeks ago and that was brought up at the 07/17/2006 CAT Chat meeting by Sector 6 personnel. Even though the Main Control Room knew of this problem at the time, no one on the floor had been notified. In the future, the Floor Coordinator will be notified. We are looking into sending e-mail notices to beamline personnel if a similar situation occurs so that beamline staff can be alerted that there is a problem.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, July 31, 2006.