CAT Chat Minutes

July 17, 2006

Announcements /Operations Update, Mark Beno

Beno informed the group that there were two beam dumps on July 13, 2006, that were caused by a faulty electrical plug. These dumps took the RF system down. Even with these problems, we were at 97.93% availability.

Beno also announced that the EQO will be conducting an OSHA compliance inspection of 20% of the buildings at the Argonne site. The APS LOMs have been selected for part of those inspections.

Safety, Edmund Chang

Chang reported that the July inspections will focus on the 400 EAA storage mezzanine and the outer corridor. He urged everyone to look at these areas for potential problems and to take care of deficiencies as appropriate.

Chang also reported on last week's EQO inspection wrap-up meeting. Items discussed were OA corrective actions, procedure writing, machine shops, beryllium window breakage, and lead contamination. One area that will be looked at in the future is the HEPA vacuums for the machine shops.

In a recent EQO inspection ( ~ 2 weeks ago) the storage of gas cylinders was problematic in our gas yards. Last Friday Edmund Chang and Mark Beno inspected all of the APS gas yards and found problems in 3 of the 4. We expect EQO to follow up the earlier inspections for deficiencies relative to gas storage. Beno asked that each beamline take look at its area and get rid of any tanks that aren't being used and just do a general clean up of the area. Edmund Chang offered to do a pre-inspection of all gas areas if asked.

Safety General Information, Tom Barkalow

Barkalow cited an incident in Oklahoma where an individual received an apparent x-ray over-exposure, and it was reported that the skin was affected. The individual was working with a burn unit for the injuries. Argonne will be reviewing the validity of its tabletop analytical unit with a range of 10-39 KeV (low energy x-ray capability).

Additional Comments

Doug Robinson brought up an incident where the beam moved with no warning. Beno said that there was a problem in communications. APS staff had identified a problem with changes in the 5-ID gap coupling to beam position in sector 6. They thought they had fixed the problem but didn't notify the beamline staff at either sector. We will follow-up with this issue at next week's meeting.


The next meeting will be held on Monday, July 24, 2006. Mark Beno is on vacation, so George Srajer will lead the meeting.