CAT Chat Minutes

July 10, 2006

Announcements /Operations Update, Mark Beno

Beno informed the group that there was an incident last week in the 436 parking lot where a car hit a fork truck and then drove away. Security is investigating.

Safety, Edmund Chang

Chang reported that the July inspections will focus on the 400 EAA storage mezzanine and the outer corridor. He urged everyone to look at these areas for potential problems and to take care of deficiencies as appropriate.

Chang also reported on last week's EQO inspection wrap-up meeting. Items discussed were OA corrective actions, procedure writing, machine shops, beryllium window breakage, and lead contamination. One area that will be looked at in the future is the HEPA vacuums for the machine shops.

Pressure System Inventory , Bruce Glagola

Glagola informed the group of the requirement for divisions to report pressure systems located in their particular area of responsibility. The major pressure systems that much of the applicable technical equipment/systems utilize at the APS are de-ionized water, bake out de-ionized water, LN2 distribution system, vacuum systems, compressed gas manifold systems, and hydraulic systems. Significant pressure systems needing to be inventoried and on the list are those systems likely to cause harm if there is a failure. Large volume presses and other hydraulic systems with large stored energy should also be inventoried. Also, cryopumps, optical table leveling pumps at 150 psi, pressure vessels >6 diameter and >300 psi need to be on the inventory list. Any piping systems at <150 psi do not have to be inventoried. Gas cylinders are regulated by DOT and do not have to be on the inventory. Detectors, evacuated and cooled, are not significant, the volume and stored energy are small, and are not required to be on the inventory. Also, DACs are low volume with little stored energy and do not have to be included. If in doubt as to whether or not an item should be added to the list, add it to be on the safe side. Inventory lists should be turned in to Glagola. Also, contact Glagola with any questions.

DOE/OA Cyber Security Audit, Ken Sidorowicz

Sidorowicz reminded the group of next week's security audit being conducted by the DOE Office of Assessment. Since the APS will be in the middle of a run, there will be no scanning done at APS during the audit; however, a group called the red team may be sending e-mails or visiting our areas in person to try to glean information from any one of us. The team will be focusing on Oracle systems, SQL, MySQL and web servers to check for any weaknesses in security. Sidorowicz told the group that social engineering is not allowed by Argonne employees, but DOE is allowed to do this.

Additional comments/questions:

Glagola reported to the group that electrical equipment inspections are going well, and he thanked all for getting these inspections done.


The next meeting will be held on Monday, July 17, 2006.