CAT Chat Minutes

June 19, 2006

Announcements /Operations Update, Mark Beno

There was only one fault in the last week, which involved a power supply problem. The associated downtime was quite long. For the current run the beam has been available for 96.66% of the scheduled time and the mean time between faults is up to 34.8 hours.

Safety, Edmund Chang

An EQO consultant will be assessing the Office of Assessments Corrective Actions for the APS.

Twenty new multi-meters have been received. Beamline personnel are asked to bring in multi-meters not meeting APS requirements for a 1-1 exchange, by June 23, 2006.

Electrical Equipment Inspections, Bruce Glagola

Inspection of user-supplied electronics by an APS Designated Electrical Equipment Inspector (DEEI) is required. The User Electronic and Electrical Equipment Inspection Criteria, including policy and the inspection request form, are available on the web: (

The ESAF should be used to alert the DEEI of the need for inspection of equipment. More DEEIs are being trained, but in the meantime scheduling is a problem, and the APS is asking for 3-days notice of the need for inspection. Week-ends are especially difficult to cover. Any overtime charges must be covered by the user. Deficient equipment may not be used.

An APS sticker will be placed on inspected equipment, but if the equipment leaves the APS, it must be re-inspected when it returns. Inspection of all on-site equipment must be completed within 5 years. Many type manufacturer labels are acceptable. The issue of whether certain standard pieces of equipment could receive a blanket approval was raised, and Glagola indicated that he would pursue that with the Electrical Safety Committee. There is the problem that opening certain types of equipment voids the warranty.

Beamline Input to PUC, Mark Beno

Beamline personnel were asked to speak to their Partner User Council (PUC) representative if they have input on the following two issues:

  • Draft policy on Users working on Radiation Safety Shielding Components (RSSC)
    This policy would require that authorized APS staff do all work on RSS components with the exception of opening labyrinths and mini-hutches and moving manual stops.
  • The APS is planning a new work schedule which will eliminate Floor Coordinator coverage for the 3rd shift (midnight to 8 AM). Personnel from the Main Control Room would provide limited coverage for the 3 rd shift. Bruce Glagola presented a listing of the tasks that the Control Room staff will provide.

Bill Ruzicka has requested feedback from the PUC on these proposed changes by June 23, 2006.


The meeting was adjourned.