CAT Chat Minutes

June 5, 2006

  1. Announcements/Operations Updates, Mark Beno

    This is the first CAT Chat since the beginning of the 2006-2 run cycle. The start-up was a bit rough with 7 glitches last week, yielding a run of 95% beamtime.

  2. Administrative Updates to ESAFs, Bruce Glagola

    The reports from the mini-inspections done in May will be out soon. June is a makeup month.

    The notice sent last week documented recent changes to the ESAF to better address DOE needs. Glagola has pulled in techniques for all GUPs for 2006-2. GUP and ESAF fields have been added to the first page to allow users to change GUP IDs on copied ESAFs. APS is thinking of developing a new type ESAF for start-up time, and perhaps one for non-x-ray beam line usage. The user page will now capture the user type: Off-site, On-site, Remote, and Mail-in.

  3. Safety, Edmund Chang

    Following up on a question from the last meeting. A new question on the JHQ will discriminate between occasional and more frequent users of certain power levels of electrical devices and allow less training for the occasional user. Answering occasional to the question does not trigger additional training.

  4. EPICS Collaboration Meeting, John Maclean

    Maclean announced the EPICS Collaboration Meeting being held at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL, June 12-16, 2006. Full details can be found at the website:

    He also announced that APS will be participating in the ANL Open House on Saturday, October 7, 2007 with 20,000 people expected to attend. This is during beamtime.

  5. Beno showed a list of shut-down activities, the last two of which will be the subject of accelerator studies during this run but could affect user activities during future runs.

  6. Steve Heald said his undulator had switched out of user mode. Although they caught it early he wanted to know the cause and if it could be prevented in the future.

    At 10:20 June 5 morning the log file for the 20-ID undulator shows
    they were in the middle of a scan when this happened and for
    about 10 minutes the IDs were not in user mode.

    06/05/06 10:16:50.83 At Destination Gap = 16.589 Taper = 0.000
    06/05/06 10:17:00.06 New Access : Operator
    06/05/06 10:18:52.25 New Access : System Manager
    06/05/06 10:26:34.67 New Access : User
    06/05/06 10:27:04.95 Energy Request Gap = 16.810 mm Taper = 0.000 mm
    06/05/06 10:27:05.02 Device Started Gap = 16.590 Taper = -0.001
    06/05/06 10:27:06.79 At Destination Gap = 16.810 Taper = -0.001

    This happened because the IOC that controls global ID access security was rebooted causing the access for the IDs to be set to system manager mode. The reboot was done because controls personnel were working with IT personnel to resolve some issues that arose from a recent linux upgrade. Unfortunately, the impact of rebooting this workstation during user-operations was not fully conveyed to those doing the work.

    Ken Sidorowicz and Ned Arnold will discuss how to address this to avoid future occurrences.

  7. D. Keane announced that the ANL network scans in May caused a lot of computer crashes in the experiment hall. John Maclean will look into this, but noted that APS has no control over the planned DOE cybersecurity scans.

    Both John Mclean and Ken Sidorowicz have contacted CIS and told them it is important that the APS not be scanned during a run
    The meeting was adjourned.