CAT Chat Minutes

May 22 , 2006

Announcements Mark Beno:

  • There will be no CAT chat next Monday, May 29, 2006, due to the Memorial Day holiday.
  • The beam will be up at 8:00 am next Tuesday, May 30, 2006.
  • The Detector Pool deadline was May 17 th . The scheduling is being done today. If changes are required, contact Patricia Fernandez ASAP.

Safety Edmund Chang:

  • Announced that Jeff Alicz is no longer working in the APS.
  • Safety inspections are continuing in 431Z, 432 and 433.
  • Two new questions have been added to the JHQ. Information relative to any training that may be required as a result of a positive response to these questions will be forthcoming.
    • One new question deals with anyone who is required to do electrical work greater than 1,000 watts
    • The other question deals with anyone who works with human blood or bodily fluids.
  • All resident user JHQs will be examined to assure that they are current and reflect present duties and responsibilities.

Electrical Equipment Inspections Bruce Glagola:

The Electrical Equipment Inspection process is underway. The ESAF has been changed to trigger an automatic e-mail notifying an experimenter that any equipment brought to the APS in support of a particular experiment will be required to undergo a safety inspection.

To expand the pool of Designated Electric Equipment Inspectors, another class will be offered June 5-9, 2006. There are currently five APS employees who have completed the course and area designated electric equipment inspectors.

There is a list of guidelines that the inspectors use.

Cyber Security Audit Ken Sidorowicz:

A cyber security audit conducted by a team from DOE is scheduled for July 17th. Since this is during the next run, efforts are underway to try to push back the date of the audit, but for now the audit is on track for July. As part of this audit, a red team or social engineering team will be going around and possibly asking for passwords, etc. At this point, we don't know who will be targeted. VPN accounts will be reviewed. E-mail notifications containing additional audit information will be sent out prior to the audit. Every effort will be made to assure that the audit will not interfere with beamline operations.