CAT Chat Minutes

April 24, 2006


Machine Stats

Run 2006-01 is over.  There was a beam dump over weekend due to power glitch which took out the UPS running the ACIS system.  ACIS automatically fails into a safe state.

Power glitch also affected control IOC’s that send messages to various screens and the paging system (


Safety inspections in 436 and 438 have been completed.  Upcoming inspections in May include 431, 432, and 433.  EQO assestment on hoisting takes place tomorrow.

Safety Signs are to be supplied by APS - Signage reinforcing safety policies or methods are only to be supplied/manufactured by APS.  If you feel that you need to have an “Operator Aid” that reinforces safety, contact Edmund Chang and ESH will look at the situation.  If a sign is needed for a particular situation, APS will provide it.


2006-3 Schedule will be out soon.  New Operating Mode will be put in for the first three weeks of this run.  Reduced Horizontal Beam (RHB) lattice for Sectors 8 and 32.  Overall emittance is expected to increase by 0.16 nm out of a nominal 3.1 nm effective emittance.  OAG believes that steering changes during a run causes this much variation.

CAT-CHAT: The Future - CAT-CHAT will be run by XSD.  Mark Beno is the designated CHATTEE.  He will announce the next CAT Chat meeting.

Machine Operations (e.g. control room issues) will be resolved by ASD.