CAT Chat Minutes

April 17, 2006


Machine Stats
Currently in run 2006-01 with twenty-four maintenance period beginning tomorrow.  1296 mode begins Wednesday. 

There were two problems this week:

- Dip below 60 mA due to a ACIS system processor failure which took the injector offline

- Beam dump due to weather

Current run ends with 1296 Mode.  The last CAT-Chat for 2006-01 is next week.

Beamline Data

Safety Signs:  Signage reinforcing safety policies/methods are only to be approved for posting by APS.  If you feel that you need to have “operator aide” postings that reinforce safety, contact Edmund Chang and ESH will investigate the situation.  APS will create all signs deemed necessary.

Upcoming Long Range Operations Schedule 2006-3 will be out soon.  Note the new operating mode which will be put in for the first three weeks of this run.  There will be reduced horizontal beam (RHB) lattice for Sectors 8 and 32.  Overall emittance is expected to increase by 0.16 nm out of a nominal 3.1 nm effective emittance. 

Switchgear Maintenance:  Rod Salazar presented the following information at today’s meeting:

On May 5th (Saturday) X1 Switchgear maintenance: X1 feeds LOM 431 and sectors 1, 2 and 3. The work is scheduled to have the regular electrical power down during the 12 hour period between 6am to 6pm. Emergency lights and emergency power will be available. The emergency generator will supply the emergency power to areas affected by the shutdown throughout the maintenance period (except for a 10 to 15 seconds loss during the initial transfer and another 2 to 3 seconds during the final transfer). We are in the process of notifying all involved parties and addressing temporary and essential electrical needs by providing extension cords feed from areas not affected by this work.

For questions and temporary electrical needs please contact:  Ray Monroe 2-9493 or Rod Salazar 2-9495