CAT Chat Minutes

April 3, 2006


Machine Stats
Currently in Run 2006-01, 48-hour maintenance period begins on 4/04/2006.  As of 4/3/2006, continued third perfect week.

Beamline Data


Safety inspections for 436 and 438 will begin this week.  The write-up of 434 and 435 inspections have been completed.

Tom Barkalow reports an electrical incident at Sector 33 BM in mid-February, 2006.  Modifications to a piece of equipment were being made and local power supply fuse and 110 circuit breaker popped.  They reset everything but did not notify floor coordinators or APS but did notify their local home organization. 

APS is performing its own investigation and will report it as an incident at ORPS.  The incident will be covered at the monthly APS/Users Meeting on April 12th.

High Current Run Postponement – High current run is postponed as Engineering is being reorganized.  AES management will evaluate technical review criteria and processes. 

AES Management still maintaining steady hand until end of run.  No major changes until the end of current run.  Small changes have been announced and Floor Coordinator tasks are still being discussed.

Training Requirements - There are now five core training requirements for users:

  1. ESH100U: Argonne User Facility Orientation
  2. APS 101:  APS User Orientation
  3. GERT:  General Employee Radiation Training
  4. ESH 223:  Cybersecurity
  5. ESH 377:  Electrical Safety Awareness Training

The ESH Manual 9.1.7 and have been updated (1/26/2006) to reflect ESH 377 requirements.  User Office has been training all new users to the five core training requirements since November, 2005.  Users who were retrained by User Office after that point had their training updated. 

APS management will assign a group in the new organization specifically with the function of notifying users when new training is required.

Gate Passes - Gate passes for users can be verified by:

  1. Logging into the Gate Pass system from the “Inside ANL” WWW pages.
  2. Go to the “Quick Links” Column on the Right
  3. Requesting that the User Office check


Gate Pass system is also used for requesting gate passes.  All ANL employees may request a gate pass.  Active and Enabled domain accounts are required.  Depending on conditions, gate pass may need to be approved by divisional rep.

Logging of Beam Position Monitors:  OAG is now monitoring BPM information at a 2 Hz rate.
BPM’s are recorded that affect the source point.  This data lives for only five days and delayed after this period due to space limitations.

Go to the OAG WWW Page and check on “Data Review” in order to access the information.  Data can be obtained as an SDDS file using “wget” if a beamline would like to archive the data themselves.  “wget” has to call a cgi script on the webserver so the URL is complicated but “scriptable”.  Email or for more info if you want to do this. 
Thanks to Mike Borland, Bob Soliday and the rest of OAG for making this happen.

Potential Lead Contamination at Sector 10 - Sector 10 personnel were concerned about possible lead contamination in their area.  Homax Lead Check test kit was purchased - sold for consumer use.  Results of this test kit revealed presence of lead on many surfaces.  Industrial Hygiene was called in to perform a calibrated study which showed lead present.  These levels are very low and typically about 1/10 of the levels that require mitigation.  All measurements are below threshold levels required for interior horizontal surfaces for Lodging and Child Care Facilities. (22 microgram/100 cm^2).  Except for one measurement taken near where lead was stored, all measurements were below those threshold values for the floors of Lodging and Child Care Facilities (5.5 microgram/100 cm^2).