CAT Chat Minutes

March 27, 2006


Machine Stats
Currently in top-up mode, twenty-four hour maintenance period scheduled to being 3/28/2006.  There were no faults for a second week in a row. 

Beamline Data
7-day week history


Received industrial hygiene survey for presence of lead (performed June and July, 2005).  Report included two areas of concern:  434 shop lathe exceeded 1 microgram, and 433 work table which exceeded 284 micrograms.  Work areas that will have hepa vacs are 2, 3, and 4. 

ORNL-SNS reported arc flash on worker arm occurred on March 9th.  The worker was making larger holes when flash occurred.  A memo from Office of Science director was sent.

Safety inspections for 434 and 435 are completed.  Inspections of LOMs 436 and 438 will take place in April, 2006. 

High current scheduled for March 24th has been postponed.  No future date has been set.

APS reorganization takes place on 3/31/06 – don’t panic, small changes have already been announced. 

Training requirements - The five core training requirements for users are:  ESH100U: Argonne User Facility Orientation, APS 101: APS User Orientation, GERT: General Employee Radiation Training, ESH 223: Cyber security, and ESH 377: Electrical Safety Awareness Training.  ESH Manual 9.1.7 and updated 26 January 2006 to reflect ESH 377 requirements.

The User Office has been training all new users to the five core training requirements since November 2005.  Users who were retrained by User Office after that point had their training updated.  Neither APS User Office nor anyone else in AOD informed beamline personnel of new training requirements.  Situation is being corrected.  APS management will assign a group in the new organization specifically with this function.

Gate Pass System - Gate passes for users can be verified by logging into the Gate Pass system from the “Inside ANL” WWW pages.  Go to the “Quick Links” column on the left –or- request that the User Office check

Gate Pass system is also used for requesting gate passes.  All ANL employees may request a gate pass.  Active and enabled domain accounts are required.  Depending on conditions, gate pass may need to be approved by divisional rep.