CAT Chat Minutes

March 20, 2006


Machine Stats
Currently in top-up mode with twenty-four maintenance period beginning tomorrow.  No downtime during this week.

Beamline Data


Elroy Chang, AOD, will email information regarding automatic liquid nitro fill station.  This was a requirement which resulted from the recent OA audit.

Three hepa vacs for Machine Shop will be in place this week.

New lab report system is being set in use.  The name is PARTS.  Elroy will send email describing the new system.  COATS and PANTS are APS local reporting systems.

Jeff Alicz, XFD, showed viewgraphs of photos he took of a chemical lab drain.  One solution being investigated is a drain cover.  Problems after testing included a puddle that was formed when water collected at the drain.  The optimum solution would be to have the drain pipe placed in the floor.  Contact Jeff or Elroy with questions.

User questioned how the ANL domain account could be made to stay “active” in order to perform training requirements.  Susan Strasser suggested that a paper training might be utilized which will be supplied by the User Office. 

High Current Run Postponement - Engineering is being reorganized and AES Management needs to evaluate technical review.

current run

The high current run (<130 mA) was scheduled for the 24th.

New Argonne Logo – A sample of the new logo was shown.