CAT Chat Minutes

March 13, 2006


Machine Stats
In Run 2006-01, 48-hour machine studies with top-up continued on Wednesday, March 15th.

Beamline Data
Faults:  One PSS (ensure enclosures doors are clear), three RF faults were all related and still under investigation.

No report

Drytel 31 Roughing Pump Fire - To review, the pump was roughing down a small section of pipe prior to beam commissioning when it caught fire.  The fire had been extinguished and final results of the investigate are upcoming.

Logging of BPM Data - AOD is looking at into logging BPM data at a sub hertz rate and making it available.

There is a current limitation of 2 Hz due to scanning of PVs.  Presently looking at increasing rate possibly up to 10 hz.  Data will probably only be kept for a short time (one day).  If beamlines want to archive it, download points will be provided

User Office Training Links are Online - Training links are available under the Facility Safety and Training Pages (see screen captures of web pages below).  Retraining may be done at the beamline, contact the User Office to have domain name passwords reset.  For comments as to whether or not the initial user computer based training should be made available at the beamline, please email: - or - 

For consideration are:  Would having the initial user computer based training aid help in the time management of the initial experiment.  Does performing this at the same time as sector orientation provide value and make the whole process easier for beamlines to manage.