CAT Chat Minutes

March 6, 2006


Machine Stats
Delivered beam:  691.35 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:  99.32%
Downtime during period:  4.71 hrs.
Mean time between faults:  183.27 hrs.

Currently in Run 2006-01, 324 singlets, studies begin March 7th continuing until March 13 2006. 




#  8  02/22 08:00  To  02/28 07:59  144.00 

 Int Dump: End of Period 








#  9  03/01 08:00  To  03/05 21:45  109.76 



# 10  03/06 00:11  To  03/06 08:04    7.89 

 Fill Ongoing            


Beamline Data
beamline data

Jeff Alicz, XFD, reports 434 and 435 inspections are to take place.  No schedule available but he’ll let you know as soon as possible once he has more information.

Bruce Glagola, AOD, mentioned the ESAF experimenters’ page will include more safety training certification data.  He proposes to have a checkmark (yes or no) appear on the page instead of the current date field. 

User noted that sector-specific training in the database is not being updated as it should.  The training completion in question had been turned over to the proper personnel.  To have badges activated, courses required are GERT, APS101, APS100U, Cyber Security, Electrical Safety Awareness, etc., and APS needs to show more of these courses

Drytel 31 Roughing Pump fire failed in Sector 14 and caught fire.  No severe damage but investigation is ongoing.  ASD has removed all of their Drytel 31 pumps pending investigation.

Notification List Server – Two separate types of notification have been set up:
   Every 5 minute status update (aps_status & aps_status_temp)
   Significant Event Notification  (aps_notify & aps_notify_temp)
There are two separate lists for each type of notification      
   Subscriptions to _temp lists will be periodically cleared (at least once per run)
   Subscriptions to non “_temp” lists are “permanent”, you can always unsubscribe.
Links are at

BPM Work – BPM Work was performed on a number of sectors:  1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 31, 32, 33, 34.  Diagnostics Group Leader was notified of communication problem.

BPM Logging - There is a current limitation of 2 Hz due to scanning of PVs.  APS is looking at increasing rate possibly up to 10 hz.  Data will probably only be kept for a short time (one day).  If beamlines want to archive it, download points will be provided

User Office Training links online - Training links are available at:  SUF Courses offered:  ESH100U: Argonne National Laboratory User Facility Orientation; APS 101: Advanced Photon Source User Orientation; CNM 101: Center for Nanoscale Materials User Orientation; GERT.  Test for these training courses require an active ANL Domain Account.

Floor coordinators – Possibly removing midnight shift if MCR coverage is obtainable.  Send your ideas to John,