CAT Chat Minutes

February 27, 2006


Machine Stats
Currently in Run 1-2006, top-up mode.  Twenty-four-hour machine studies will begin tomorrow 8:00 a.m., 324-bunch mode starts Wednesday.

Beamline Data
7-day history

Email will be sent with gas cylinder storage guidelines.  Pictures were displayed of proper and improper cylinder storage. 

User asked if drivers have been told of the correct methods of storage and it was agreed that the appropriate APS personnel will contact regional managers. 


As of February 1st, ANL RSO was expanded to include radiation protective personnel.  Scheduled health physics coverage will only be available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  Off hour coverage, by prior arrangement on case-by-case basis, should be requested by contacting Bruce Glagola,  -or- or John Vacca  -or-  Keep in mind that these exceptions will require additional planning/scheduling.  Emergency response will always remain available. 

Notification List Server - Two separate types of notification have been set up:
-Every 5 minute status update (aps_status & aps_status_temp)
-Significant Event Notification (aps_notify & aps_notify_temp)

There are two separate lists for each type of notification: 
-Subscriptions to _temp lists will be periodically cleared (at least once per run)
-Subscriptions to non- “_temp” lists are “permanent”, you can always unsubscribe.

Links can be found at URL:

Floor coordinators - Due to the APS reorganization, neither of the new units will encompass all responsibilities of current Floor Coordinators.  Current on-call function will be transferred to the User Safety group.  A competition is being held to name the group of workers (new name shall not contain the term ‘coordinator’).  Winner of the competition will be awarded a free lunch from “The Grill.”

BPM Data - AOD is researching BPM data logging at a sub hertz rate to be made available.  Current limitation of 2 Hz due to scanning of PVs (see updated information in recent email).  Data will probably only be kept for short duration (one to two days).  If beamlines wish to archive it, download instructions will be provided. 

Training - User training links are available at:

SUF courses offered are:  ESH100U Argonne National Laboratory User Facility Orientation; APS 101 Advanced Photon Source User Orientation; CNM 101 Center for Nanoscale Materials User Orientation; GERT.

Tests for these training courses require an active ANL Domain Account.