CAT Chat Minutes

February 20, 2006


Machine Stats
Delivered beam:  429.70 hrs.
Percentage of scheduled time:  99.47 %
Downtime during period:  2.29 hrs.
Mean time between faults:  85.94 hrs.

Run 2006-01, and currently in 48-hour studies period.  Top-up continues at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday.  One beam loss which was RF-related.

Beamline Data






  0.03 SR orbit controllaw problem [DIAG]

#  1  01/31 08:02  To  01/31 15:26   7.41 

 CPU PS & IOC reboot[CTL]

  0.53 refill [CTL]

#  2  01/31 15:58  To  02/02 11:05  43.11 

 Steering Software OAG 

  0.72 Refill [OAG]

#  3  02/02 11:48  To  02/07 07:59  116.19 

 Int Dump: End of Period 





#  4  02/08 08:00  To  02/13 07:31  119.52 

 RTFB problem       [CTL]

  0.52 Investigation, refill

#  5  02/13 08:03  To  02/14 07:59   23.95 

 Int Dump: End of Period 


E. Chang, AOD, will send e-mail following todays meeting that contain specifics on voltmeter regulations.

Health Physics technician coverage - As of February 1, 2006, ANL RSO was expanded to include radiation protection staff members.  Due to budgetary considerations, effective Monday, February 20, 2006, scheduled health physics coverage will only be available Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Off-hour coverage will be available by prior arrangement on case-by-case basis.  Contact Bruce Glagola or John Vacca for requests requiring additional planning and scheduling.  Emergency response will always be available.

No final decisions have been made regarding the type and level of shift “service”.  Following are a few of the ideas being discussed: 

- Removing midnight shift coverage with possibly partial coverage from another group and an on-call person for major events.  APS has analyzed midnight shift logs for impact.  MCR personnel are still at the facility.  This may lead to longer response time, maybe not in practice.

- Assigning current “interface role” to XSD EOS group is a possibility.  The local “floor coordinator” concept replaced with a more centralized interface model through XSD.  Shift work component still deals with operational aspects of FC role including labyrinths, posting ESAFS, User Enable Keys, etc…  To manage resources in a way that focuses resources in generating the greatest facility productivity is the goal.

Notification list server - Two separate types of notification have been set up:  1) Five-minute status update (aps_status & aps_status_temp), and significant event notification  (aps_notify & aps_notify_temp). 

There are two separate lists for each type of notification:  1) subscriptions to _temp lists will be periodically cleared (at least once per run); 2) subscriptions to non “_temp” lists are “permanent”, you can always unsubscribe.

To subscribe to lists at: 

Beamline requirements for participation (see email by John Quintana sent previously or request copy  Run EPICS and allocate a variable that user updates at a 1 Hz rate. (can be ion chamber, calc record, whatever makes sense).  Contact Marty Smith ( to have PV propagated through the PV gateway.  Contact Michael Borland ( if you have technical questions about setup.