CAT Chat Minutes

February 13, 2006


Machine Stats
Currently in top-up, twenty-four-hour machine studies period tomorrow.  One beam loss due to real time feedback problems.

Storage Ring Current and Beamline Operation

Long Range Operations Schedule

No safety issues reported.

Notification List Server
Two separate types of notification have been set up:
Status Update - every five minutes (aps_status & aps_status_temp)
Significant Event Notification - (aps_notify & aps_notify_temp)
There are two separate lists for each type of notification:
Subscriptions to _temp lists will be periodically cleared (at least once per run)
Subscriptions to non “_temp” lists are “permanent”, you can always unsubscribe.
Subscribe to lists at:

Automated Beam Steering
OAG and MCR are now capable of testing steering algorithms during run periods.  Until all operational crews are trained, it will remain a daytime activity best scheduled in advance.
Optimization takes a single EPICS PV from the beamline and then steers the horizontal and vertical angle (and optionally the ID gap) to maximize the signal.  Procedure (start to end) takes five to fifteen minutes.

Beamline requirements for participation (see email by John Quintana sent previously or request copy  Run EPICS and allocate a variable that user updates at a 1 Hz rate. (can be ion chamber, calc record, whatever makes sense).  Contact Marty Smith ( to have PV propagated through the PV gateway.  Contact Michael Borland ( if you have technical questions about the setup.