CAT Chat Minutes

February 6, 2006


Machine Stats
Delivered Beam:  142.80 hours
Percentage of Scheduled Time:  99.11 %
Downtime during Period:  1.28 hours
Mean Time between Faults (MTBF):  71.40 hours

Currently In top-up mode; twenty-four hour machine studies starts tomorrow.

Storage Ring Current and Beamline Operation:


Beamline Downtime






  0.03 SR orbit controller problem [DIAG]

#  1  01/31 08:01  To  01/31 15:26    7.41 

 CPU PS & IOC reboot[CTL]

  0.53 refill [CTL]

#  2  01/31 15:58  To  02/02 11:05   43.11 

 Steering Software [OAG] 

  0.71 Refill [OAG]

#  3  02/02 11:48  To  02/06 08:04   92.28 

 Fill Ongoing            


Two beam losses:  IOC reboot and steering software for canted IDs.

Beamtime Downtime Summary by APS Groups, 01/30/2006 to 02/06/2006 – Nothing reported

Long Range Operations Schedule
See url for current schedule:
Following is the ‘upcoming’ schedule which is now available online:


Cyber Security Training – Notices have been sent via email, please complete the ANL-required cyber security training. 

Remember to contact shop coordinators before February 1, 2006, in order to obtain machine shop certifications (all materials are on the web).

Card keys are currently being updated.

Notification List Server – Email with email address if you would like to be added to the following:  every five minute status update (list aps_status); and/or significant event notification (list aps_notify).  Follow progress on mailman list server (if you subscribe, we will hold approval until everything is running)