CAT Chat Minutes

January 30, 2006


Machine Stats
Currently in machine studies which will continue until January 31st.

Beamline Downtime
No downtime

Long Range Operations Schedule
See url for current schedule:

Next safety inspections will be LOMs 434 and 435 in March, 2006.

Email will be sent out this week on: 1) notification list server status, 2) beamlines affected by BPM work completed, and 3) “current schedule” updates. 

Only individuals with RSS awareness training AND authorization by their management can be CCWP requesters.   Tracking will be done through the CAT HR database and found by following these steps: 

Go to:  also [APS Intranet] from main page

  1. Click on [APS Database Applications]
  2. Click on [CAT HR Administration – Public View]

Beamlines affected by BPM work:  6ID, 7BM, 7ID, 8BM, 23BM, and 34ID.

An APS beamtime utilization audit by DOE is underway.  In the next ninety days, if you are questioned by the DOE representative, answer honestly, consult your superior if you do not have the answer.  The representative will be looking at those schedules you submitted to Yeldez Amer, AOD, and verifying information declared within.

Notification List Server – E-mail J. Quintana <> with email address if you would like to be added for the following:  every five minute status update, and/or significant event notification.

Remember to talk to shop coordinators to obtain machine shop certifications before February 1, 2006.

Burn paper is sold in three-foot lengths and is currently available for purchase in the APS stockroom.

Pagers - Currently having issues with software program and Windows CP.  New programming kit will be ordered which will work with current software protocols.