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January 23, 2006


Machine Stats
Currently in machine studies which will continue until January 31st.

Beamline Downtime
No downtime

Long Range Operations Schedule
See url for current schedule

Tom Barkalow alerted group as to rules for sealed sources.  Last week a memo went out concerning sealed sources (see below) – as of today, ten beamlines have replied.  All replies are due back by January 26th.  As custodian of sealed sources, you are required to take RAD worker training. 

The following memo and any accompanying attachments may be viewed in the Business Communication Archive at:

ACTION REQUIRED       DUE DATE:  02/13/2006
January 11, 2006
TO:  Division Directors and Department Heads
FROM:  N. W. Golchert, EQO
SUBJECT:  Radiological Airborne Emissions – CY 2005
ACTION:  Complete NESHAP Radiological Emissions Inventory for CY 2005.

The National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) (40 CFR 61, Subpart H) requires that we determine the maximum effective dose equivalent to any member of the public from the sum of all radiological airborne emissions.  Further, we must assure that each potential point has been identified and evaluated.  Monitoring is required for all release points which have a potential to discharge radio nuclides into the air in quantities which could cause an effective dose equivalent in excess of one percent of the standard of 10 mrem/y.

In order to document the annual review of all release points that may have a potential for public exposure, please complete the following.

1. For CY 2005 releases that were monitored please complete the attached form "NESHAP Radiological Emissions Inventory for CY 2005."
2. For those release points that are not monitored, the releases are estimated based on the radionuclide inventory.  Please review the provided tables and update the inventory for your building or facility.  By direction of DOE-ASO, the estimation of releases from radionuclide inventory, using the methodology specified in 40 CFR 61, Appendix D, may not incorporate a use factor adjustment. Also, adequate documentation of the inventories must be maintained to support the NESHAP emission report.  Sealed sources are excluded from this reporting.
3. If no radiological releases occurred from your facilities please indicate this on the form and return to me to document the survey.
4. If there are release points for radioactive emissions (hoods, gloveboxes, etc.) not identified on the attached sheets, please let me know.

The forms and updated inventory are due to me by February 13, 2006.
For any questions, please contact me on extension 2-3912.
NWG: enc
cc:  Building Managers, ECRs

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Heads up on electrical equipment testing (especially not undergone testing by nationally recognized laboratory) – Electrical Safety committee is setting up a progress schedule for inspections.

Next safety inspections will be LOMs 434 and 435 in March, 2006.

See shop coordinators to obtain machine shop certifications before February 1, 2006.

PS stockroom has new burn paper for sale.  Paper will be sold in three-foot lengths.

Email will be sent regarding notification list server, beamlines affected by BPM work and planning current schedule update.

There will be a SAC meeting on January 24, 2006.  A cross-cut review on Polymer Science at the APS will take place at 8:00 a.m., January 25th in the 402 auditorium.