CAT Chat Minutes

December 12, 2005


Machine Stats

Current problems due to booster power supply (ASD is working to fix).  Timing bunch down to ~4.8mA, 1:00 p.m.

Delivered beam:  1361.24 hrs.

Percentage of scheduled time:  98.21%

Downtime during period:  24.8 hrs.

Mean time between faults:  85.08 hrs.


Beamline Downtime







# 28  12/07 08:00  To  12/09 15:19   55.33 

 RF4 HVPS trip       [RF]

  0.60 RF4 HVPS trip investigation, Refill [RF]

# 29  12/09 15:56  To  12/10 16:32   24.61 

 14-BM EPS trip      [SI]

  0.76 14-BM EPS trip investigation, refill [SI]

# 30  12/10 17:18  To  12/12 09:05   39.79 

 Fill Ongoing            



Seven Day Storage Ring Current & Beamline History

SR Status Week Status History Image


Inspections of 431Z through 433 will commence Tuesday, December 13th.



There will be an APS/Users Monthly meeting on Wednesday, 402 Auditorium, 2:30 p.m.

URL Filtering - Visitor/wireless nets will be moved behind the firewall to enforce URL filtering.  The Conference Center visitor/wireless subnet will be moved this week.  The CLO visitor/wireless subnet is to be moved next week.  Finally, Argonne Guest House and CAT visitor/wireless subnets will be moved on December 27th or 28th, 2005.

Burn Paper – available from floor coordinators at the present (samples were distributed at today’s CAT Chat).  The burn paper has 18-months shelf-life

Reminder – Machine shop certification material is available on the web.

Beam Emittance – (see email from John Quintana sent Friday, December 9th)

AOD Seminar – Information Technology at the APS is the overall topic being presented on Tuesday, December 13th.  There will be a morning session and afternoon session.

TWG – Seminar to take place Thursday, December 15th.