CAT Chat Minutes

October 31, 2005


Machine Stats
Delivered Beam:  551.91 Hours
Percentage of Scheduled Time:  98.90 %
Downtime during Period:  6.15 Hours
Mean Time between Faults (MTBF):  110.38 Hours
Total Number of Faults:  5

Beamline Data




#  8  10/26 08:00  To  10/26 15:20    7.33 

 RF4 Water Flow Trip [RF]

  1.43 RF4 reset, 2nd trip, loose wire on meter repaired

# 10  10/26 16:46  To  10/31 13:04  117.31 

 Fill Ongoing            


Concerning burn incident of XOR member, Tom Barkalow reported that the exterior lights in the 431-432 gas yard are not yet restored, perhaps a photo-electric eye will be used as proposed at last week’s CAT Chat.

A DOE assessment team will be here in two weeks to review the Environment Management System (EMS) at the APS.  They will look at ESAF (environmental considerations); chemical waste handling; more details will become available later this week and covered at next week’s CAT Chat.

Waste management / Pollution prevention training can be found on the web (ESH 300).  All are welcome to take this course. 

Looking for sectors interested in optics testing during the high current studies in April 2006.  Contact John Quintana by December 1, 2005, if you wish to participate.